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How to Earn Money Guide that we Follow.

The Internet is littered with opportunities to make a fast buck. While it rarely qualifies as a solitary source of income, the Net can easily help you supplement it. However, the amount you earn depends on the time and effort invested. Go through this article and find out whether this technique works for you.

There are numerous ways to earn money via the Internet like Blogging, Affiliate/Reseller, Freelancing, Online Marketing, Stock/forex trading, etc. But we mainly prefer to earn money using Paid Links (Short URLs). These Paid Links or Short URLs are provided by many online services belonging to the class of URL shorteners.

URL shorteners shorten long URLs into shorter ones free of cost, but to convert a shorten URL back to the original URL, one needs to go through a specific set of advertisements. 
For example, if you have any long URL (125 characters) like:-

You can use an online URL shorteners to shorten your link to something (19 characters) like:

The only difference is that when one goes to the long URL via the shorten URL, one needs to view an advertisement (http://j.gs/2x5T) in between, whose revenue is shared by the URL shortening service with the person who shortens the URL, who could be anyone; us, you, or anybody else who uses the Internet.

Now, the above Short URL can be posted anywhere on the Internet (like Facebook, Twitter, etc). There are many reasons for short URLs to stay in the online business. Turning long links into short URLs can not only save space when posting links onto social networks, but also can prevent from broken links and link wrappings.

Now, to earn money all you need to do is use a URL shortener service to shorten any URL and post that short URL on Facebook/Twitter, forums, or anywhere else on the Internet. But first you will need a URL Shortening Service that you can trust.

Not all URL shorteners offer money making opportunities. Using our past experience we have listed the most trustworthy URL shorteners below:-

  1. adf.ly is a URL shortener with a twist. It allows you to choose to earn money by sharing advertisement revenue. After registering a free account, you can earn money from every click your short URLs generate. The minimum payment is $5 using PayPal. Simply follow this link and we will guide you how to register and earn through it.

  2. bc.vc is another URL shortener with a twist. All you have to do to earn is just register and start shrinking. You will get paid for every person that visit you link. The minimum payment is $10 using PayPal. Simply follow this link and we will guide you how to register and earn through it.